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  • Denise Jittan-Johnson

Sunday Reset: Strategies to help recharge for the week ahead.

An unexpected outcome of pandemic life (at least for me) has been a blurring of days. Doing everything from home has blurred the lines of time. Days blur together, months slip away, and life has been passing by. Opportunities to disconnect and recharge has been minimal, beaches are closed, social interactions are limited, and other spaces where we would traditionally have are not available. Work happens at all times of day and days of the week as to do lists pile up. Here are some tips of how to reset weekly so we can take on the new week with new energy!

Sunday lunch

Previous generations had it right! Time was spent prepping traditional Sunday lunch and enjoying it with the family. Believe it or not, this routine is a practice of mindfulness. The smell of comfort foods and the opportunity to reconnect with family allows you to reset. I don’t know how many of us still do this. Dust off that Naps cookbook or try something new! Use the time to prep a full meal (hopefully with enough for leftovers for a quick bite during the week) and enjoy time with your family or close friends.

Disconnect from devices

We spend far too much of our day during the week starting at a device. Video meetings, phone calls, emails, reports… they are all activities that are energy draining. Even the time spent scrolling through social media during your down time isn’t true relaxation. Scrolling is often numbing out and not actually replenishing. Put those devices down!

Do something that brings you joy

Now that you are well fed and disconnected… do something that brings you joy. For me it is tending to my garden! For some it may be reading a good book, others may prefer being physically active. Whatever it is, make sure it makes you happy! Don’t have anything that comes to mind, that’s okay! Try something new! And keep trying until you find something that sticks! My own bias… get a plant! There is a different level of joy that comes when a new leaf pops up!!!

Is there anything else that helps you to reset? Or any suggestions of activities that bring you joy? Comment below!

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